To our valued clients and potential customers:

The Híradástechnika Rt. company, also known as HT, legal successor of the Híradástechnika Co-operative, was founded in 1951, thus has been in the business of developing  electronics in Hungary for more than 50 years. The progress and technological successes of the company over this period have fulfilled the aims of its founders, both in the field of the national television industry and in the production of televisions.

Functioning as a co-operative, HT could fully develop its capacities, and resolve, with efficiency and flexibility, all the challenges encountered over the years. That is why it has rapidly become the leader in the production and development of television-technological equipment in the Eastern European region.
Up until the beginning of the 1980s, it was a steadily growing, state-of-the-art, firm with 1800 employees (including nearly 500 highly-qualified engineers) and achieved a high financial turnover.

It is particularly notable that this leading position in both national and Eastern European markets is due to products and patents independently developed by the company.

Our production lines covered the whole range of measuring and control equipment for television manufacture and repair, from universal measuring units to simple multi-functional testers. We specialised in the following:

Television-, radio- and audio-meters for service, studio and laboratory  purposes
Closed-circuit television and security systems
Cable television systems
IT tools for special objectives
Special military electronics

To compensate for the negative effects of the political changes in Hungary in 1989, the Co-operative quickly diversified its development and production potential by a thorough re-organisation. Each of the main activities became an independent branch, and the influx of foreign capital helped to re-organise the range of products, so both the form and the structure of the firm changed.

HT Rt., established in 1991, was founded by the members of the former co-operative. It deals with property management; the co-ordination of its subsidiaries; research into new sales and market opportunities, partners and collaborators; it also co-ordinates development and the launch of new products.

As result of our efforts, the firms belonging to the HT Group now have more than 1500 employees and the turnover is approaching its former, pre-reorganisation, level.

Our company has considerable professional experience in the electronic industry. Our experts put into practice their specialised and thorough technological knowledge, particularly relating to the technical requirements and characteristics of the Eastern European countries and the successor-states of the USSR. Our partners include famous multinational companies, research institutes and universities, ensuring the effective and up-to-date application of the newest scientific advances.

Besides our experience, we can call upon large reserves of qualified personnel and supply considerable factory- and office-space for housing further production-projects.



István FÖLDESI                    
President, General Director